Learn to Pray

(from Magnificat, meditation for December 5, 2002)

To be able to follow [Christ], it is necessary that the desire to learn to pray grow inside of us. Prayer is an interior light that shines on our wounds and our defects. Every defect that weighs on our conscience is an open wound that bleeds. If we don’t accept the help of others, who see and suffer from our defects every day, we run the risk of accumulating a lot of anger, sadness, and superficiality inside of us.

He does not punish and does not cause fear, because he knows very well what we are like. We shouldn’t blame God when all of the idols that we keep for ourselves, making us slaves, bring us to the point of death, be it physical or spiritual.

We were created, rather, to be good, merciful, patient, and to live a clean and transparent life, in our minds, in our hearts, and in reality. To continue to live in our filth does us harm.

We were created for peace and joy, and if we haven’t yet found them, we have to ask ourselves why, and begin to search for them inside ourselves.

-Sister Elvira Petrozzi


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