The good that we do is a goodness that remains forever

This is from Magnificat’s “Meditation of the Day,” on Thursday, February 12th, 2009

If you are able to be an instrument in the hands of God, if you have trust, love, and the patience to accept His plans for you, He restores to you what you have given, one hundred times over. The reign of heaven is already among us, because it is joined with the reign on earth. The good that we do is a goodness that remains forever. This is what I have experienced. A path has opened in front of me, that has become a reality, that cannot yet be grasped. It has begun to take on the dimensions of the love of God. Who would have thought that this path could have opened like this in front of me, a woman who is weak, not very intelligent, and incapable like me? Those who trust in Him will not remain imprisoned in their little plans. I have seen young people who built a cage with their own hands and then fell into desperation because of it. God gave me the strength and patience to follow what He indicated to me day by day and this path has slowly opened wide and has welcomed with open arms many young people in need of love. These arms now embrace the whole world. By now these arms are not only mine, they are the arms of many young people who, after having received the love of God, have decided, like I did, to trust in Him and to give to those in need with that love which they have freely received.

-Mother Elvira Petrozzi
She is the foundress of Comunita Cenacolo, welcoming the lost and desperate in fifty-six fraternities in fourteen countries.


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